Frozen Bank Accounts

Being locked out of your own bank account and kept from having access to the money you worked hard for can be a frightening experience. If you are burdened by excessive debt, creditors may put a freeze on your bank account to hold the funds in order to force payment. However, many people who have overwhelming debt did not have the funds to make a payment to creditors in the first place – meaning that a freeze on their bank account can be exceptionally detrimental. If a creditor has put a freeze on your account or is threatening to do so, you need to contact an attorney as quickly as possible.


Often, creditors will place holds on your bank account illegally, assuming that consumers aren’t aware enough of their rights to do anything about it. The Kalra Law Firm is knowledgeable about consumer rights and what creditors must do to be able to legally put a freeze on your bank account. We will investigate the freeze to determine whether all actions to protect your rights have been carried out, and will communicate directly with the creditor who put the freeze on your account or their attorneys. Our goal is to get you immediate access to the funds in your bank account while negotiating payments that are reasonable and convenient for you.


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