Removal Defense

Being threatened with deportation is a very frightening experience. Being deported means that you will lose your job, be uprooted from your home and separated from your family. You have worked hard to set up a new life for you and your family here in the United States, and being deported will destroy everything you have worked for.


If you are under threat of being deported, it is essential that you contact a skilled immigration attorney as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in a case like this, because you could be deported at any time and waiting will only serve to make the situation worse. An immigration attorney knows what forms can be filed in your case to delay your deportation and how to apply for permanent residency. At the Kalra Law Firm, we will aggressively defend your right to stay in the United States and will do everything within our power to ensure that your case ends favorably so you can remain with your family.


We have successfully defended clients against deportation and have the experience necessary to increase your chances that your deportation will be delayed or canceled so you may stay inside the country’s borders. Our goal is to ensure you are not forced to leave your job, your family and the life you’ve built here in the U.S.


Contact the Kalra Law Firm to immediately to discuss your deportation and what can be done to stop it. We are available to help you. (310) 325-9012.