Tax Debt

Under specific circumstances, many tax debts can be discharged when a person files for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Even substantial IRS tax debts can be cleared under the right conditions, although many attorneys won’t take on clients who have sizable tax debts due to the fact that sorting through tax debts to determine what will and won’t qualify under chapter 7 bankruptcy law can be quite an arduous process. At the Kalra Law Firm, we have the experience necessary to determine whether your tax debt can be cleared through bankruptcy, and can assist you throughout the process of getting your tax debts under control.


Even if your tax debts cannot be discharged under bankruptcy law, we can still help you determine what your alternative options are. We may be able to make a compromise in which a portion of your tax debts are cleared and the remaining debt is negotiated into a reasonable payment plan that works with your income. No matter what kind of tax debt you’re facing – whether it is a little or a lot – the attorneys at the Kalra Law Firm can help. Our goal is to see your tax debt discharged or negotiated and for you to begin to take control of your financial life.


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