Temporary Workers

Immigration laws in the United States allows for foreign nationals with certain skills and education to obtain a work visa in order to conduct business within the country’s borders on a temporary basis. There are many different types of temporary work visas, including:


B-1 – For business visitors


E-1/E-2 – For employees/owners of a company owned by citizens of a country with whom the U.S. has an investment or trade treaty


E-3 – For natives of Australia


F-1 – For students with special employment authorization


H-1B – For professional employees in “specialty occupations” (must have at least a Bachelor’s degree)


H-1B1 – For natives of Chile and Singapore


J-1 – For exchange visitors


L-1A – For executives or managers transferring within the same company



O-1 – For persons with exceptional ability in arts, sciences, business, athletics or education


R-1 – For religious workers



TN – For natives of Canada and Mexico


Immigration law is exceptionally complex, especially in the area of temporary work visas. Many applications for temporary work visas are rejected or denied, simply because the forms contain errors or mistakes. If you are in need of a temporary work visa in order to conduct business within the United States, it is essential that you contact a qualified immigration attorney who can assist you throughout the application process and help you understand immigration law as it applies to your case.


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