Why to hire KLF

Ten Reasons to Hire  Kalra Law Firm



1. Free Initial Consultation. We offer  free 30 minutes  Bankruptcy consultation for chapter 7 , chapter 13 or chapter 11,  to discuss your financial health and determine your eligibility for bankruptcy relief


2. Flat Fees: Our bankruptcy attorneys charge flat fees for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. The fees in chapter 7 cases, includes initial evaluation, preparation of petition, schedules, statement , mean testing form and all other supporting documents , appear at the 341(a) creditors meeting and monitor case until discharge order issues. For Chapter 13 cases, flat fees also includes preparation of the plan, appear at the 341(a) meeting with debtor before trustee and appear at the confirmation hearing in the court or follow through confirmation hearing and monitor case and guide debtor throughout chapter 13 matter until discharge order is issued;


3. Experience: Our firm has 25 years+ experience and expertise in representing clients before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Central District of California, For the division of Los Angeles District and Riverside District;


4. Time Valuable: We understand that your time is valuable and we will not waste your time by keeping you waiting to see the attorney. Our attorney attend to the scheduled appointment on time. Also, we are flexible and liberal in setting appointments at your convenient.


5. Same Day Service: We are equipped to provide  the bankruptcy filing service same day , if the circumstances so warrant, to stop the Wage Garnishment, Stop Auto repossession, stop  foreclosure proceedings; Stop Tax Levies


6. Communication: We keep our clients well informed with the developments in the case by effective communication by email or communicating with them in the manner preferred by client.


7. Creditor’s Meeting: We prepare our client very well, so that they know what to expect at the creditor’s meeting with court appointed


Bankruptcy Trustee , what to bring at the hearing and what sort of questions are asked by the trustee. Not only that, we provide all the necessary paperwork to the bankruptcy trustee in advance, to ensure your proceedings before the trustee are smooth.


7. Client Satisfaction: We value our client’s opinion very seriously and encourage and invite the reviews and open to suggestion   for improvement of our services to the clients to the highest level.


8. Exemptions: By filing bankruptcy, you would like to discharge your maximum debts and keep all or most assets, by hiring experienced lawyer, you can exempt property properly and maximize discharge of debts.


9. Reaffirmation: In the bankruptcy case, you will have a right to keep secured assets and reaffirm debts. Whether to reaffirm a debt or not, you need proper guidance to evaluate, if the debt needs to be reaffirm the debts. Pros and cons of the reaffirmation of debts, is important aspect of the reaffirmation


10. Comfortable: Our attorney is soft spoken and clients always feel very comfortable in sharing  their legal issues with her. She is very experienced in resolving very complex legal issues in the simplest , economical and judiciously.


Kalra Law Firm is conveniently located in Torrance,   serving  clients from all over Los Angles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County

We offer evening and weekend appointments

To schedule your free consultation, please contact us at (310) 325-9012