Can I Avoid Bankruptcy?

There are a number of companies out there who offer “bankruptcy alternatives,” including credit counseling, creditor negotiation, and debt consolidation, however, they are often found to be scams who charge a hefty fee for their “services.”


If bankruptcy is not the best option for you or your family, you need to contact a qualified attorney who can give you sound legal advice and assist you in filing any paperwork. Only a licensed and insured attorney can provide you with solid debt consolidation services, or move forward on to bankruptcy if debt consolidation or credit counseling is not working for you.


Debt consolidation often has a high failure rate, often because uncooperative creditors can still file suit against you for non-payment, thereby ruining your entire repayment plan. Or, you may lose your job or change jobs, leaving you without the money to cover your negotiated payments. If something comes up that makes you unable to make even one payment towards your debt consolidation plan, you may begin to start getting harassing phone calls or threatening letters from creditors again, and the creditors may have the ability to foreclose on your home or garnish your wages.


At the Kalra Law Firm, we can provide you with sound legal advice and will help you sort through your options to help you determine if bankruptcy is a viable option, or if you would be better served by one of the alternatives to bankruptcy.


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